Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, COMPLEX-CONTAINERS can deliver pretty much anywhere in the country. We have containers located at our main centres and we have access to a network of trucks delivering containers daily to all parts of the country on sealed and unsealed roads.

The type of delivery required will depend on the final location and positioning of the container. Generally, we use either a Swinglift or Hiab truck, but we will discuss the requirements with you in more detail at the time of booking/purchase. We can usually deliver your container within 48 hours once payment is finalised. 

All of our brand new containers are fully certified with up-to-date CSC plates. These can be shipped without any paperwork. Most of our used containers are still in excellent condition for shipping. We would need to update the CSC plate which allows it to be shipped overseas and would also provide you with a certificate to present to your carrier if requested. There is a small charge for this service. Simply let our staff know at the time of purchase if you wish to use the container for shipping and we will take care of everything.

Of course! You should determine the space you have on your site and how much you need to store. You can choose an 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft container, and either a standard height of High Cube (1ft taller) ceiling. Our exact container dimensions are also available.

The exact measurements of our containers can be found on our shipping container dimensions page of our website.


It depends on the purpose of the container and your budget. We have a wide range of container types to suit everyone’s budget and requirements. If you require a container for the purposes of building, modifying, retail, storage of important/valuable goods, presentation or just want a great looking container then we would recommend buying new. If the appearance is secondary to your budget then we recommend you buy second-hand. There are other factors of course and we would be happy to discuss these further with you.

We have several grades for every type of buyer which includes:

New: Direct one way used from the factory. All come with fitted lock box for security
A Grade: Usually 10-12 years in age and freshly painted on the outside
WT Grade: Wind and Watertight Grade. Usually 10-12 years in age and still suitable for shipping. Our most popular seller.
Economy Grade Plus: Usually 12-15 years. Still in Wind and Watertight condition however starting to look a little bit tired with the usual surface corrosion/dings/dents/scratches and patches. Priced cheaper for those on a budget.
Economy Grade: Sold in “As Is” condition. When appearance and weather tightness is not important. Our most affordable container.

Yes, you certainly can. So long as we have that colour in stock you can choose the colour that best suits your environment. We also offer a container painting service and can paint your container in any colour that your heart desires. Even hot pink!

All our new containers are fitted with lockboxes from the factory. This makes it almost impossible for bolt cutters to cut your padlock. Used containers don’t generally have a lockbox however you can still lock the doors with padlocks on four existing points. We can also install a lockbox on your used container for a fee.

It is important to us that you are satisfied with your container purchase and experience. We want you to recommend us to your colleagues, friends and other businesses. At NZBOX it is our focus to ensure you receive the best possible standard and that your container meets your expectations, from quick or complicated deliveries to modified containers.


On confirmation of the order, we send you a tax invoice. On the invoice are our bank details. Payment is required prior to delivery. We recommend you pay promptly if you require a quick delivery. We also accept PaypPal, Bitcoins and Wire Transfer  however a 2% service fee applies.


Yes. Subject to an inspection we do buy containers back from the purchaser. We usually offer 65% of the original sale value less the transport costs.